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INKomplete is a programatically created series of self-portraits made out of 11111 black straight lines. Each portrait is in a SVG format and made on an initial canvas width of 1920 px.

This project is very personal and has evolved over a period of 1 year. INKomplete is a very simple representation of a very complicated subject : Our Existence.

The core Essence of this series is : Trying to get an idea of who or what a person is, from a distance, is easy. It gives us a rough idea, but the closer we get, the more we realize how complex a person is and how all this complexity is made out of the same simple set of traits and how their unique combinations, Define each person, differently.

This makes us realize that what we think we know, is always : INKomplete.

This series is a start for this art form.

Note: The INKomplete series is available only on Foundation App. 50% of the sales will be sent to UKRAINEDAO.ETH
This represents our inclination towards humanity and not a nation specific, because No matter what happens and how it ends, the losses can’t be recovered ever.

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