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Incoming airdrops…

I have two awesome airdrops coming up for those who have been supporting my ‘A Spacefaring Species’ collection.

First, I am going to airdrop a special edition 40 image icon/avatar pack to all holders of record in the ‘A Spacefaring Species’ collection as of 8am EDT (12:00 UDT) this coming Friday (17 September). You can view this upcoming airdrop here.

Avatars 1

In addition I am going to airdrop a Rarible NFT to one of the people who buys any of the five unsold initial offering NFTs remaining in the collection over the next 24 hours. You can find the Rarible NFT that I will be airdropping here

0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5 1193402 1

Get your geek on! If rockets, space, and exploration turn you on, here’s your opportunity to own a piece of the golden history of commercial space. There are still five opportunities left to get this icon/avatar pack, at just 0.2Ξ, and one of them is also going to receive the Rarible airdrop. 

Grab one of those opportunities here: https://opensea.io/collection/spacefaring – Time is running out!

Tick tock!

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