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In the beginning…

Its been valued at nearly US$2900, selling for USDC325. Now thats a ROCK solid investment!When I first heard of NFT’s it was one of those “I will get round to looking at it” things. Really, I guess it was only like a week after I heard those 3 letters before I was hooked! I could see the potential straight up, beyond art.What about beyond digital ownership of digital stuff, what about digital ownership of physical items???

I could see the purpose beyond the current use. Being someone who enjoys buying and selling a few gemstones and a few pieces of jewellery, I saw the legal abilities. Say you bought 5 Emeralds, 2 Sapphires, 1 Ruby, and a partridge in a pear tree…and then you got robbed?

These is no denial from an insurance company that you did actually own these items and how much you paid for it. As we know, if you had sold one on you would no longer have it in your wallet. Then there are tickets for concert and sports events. No more simple scammers, wave your phone over and you’re in. Sure theres always new ways to be a scammed but anything that helps prevent that is got to be a good thing, right!

I have shut down Shopify, deleted Etsy altogether, and now things will be slowly listed  as NFT’s.

So one of my first NFTs was an Emerald…
Interesting fact…Did you know it takes, on average, around 5 tonnes of dirt to be moved at an Emerald mine to discover a 1ct Emerald?

2.2ct Zambian Emerald

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