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in – Crowdfunding for NFT projects

NFT’s are just getting going really, so it’s natural for a lot of copycat ideas to take root as people clamour to emulate early successes, hence the proliferation of similar collectible collections & multiple market and minting platforms using different blockchains with varying levels of success. Tezos is my favourite atm.

You can see the landscape really beginning to evolve when something totally new emerges and often the best ideas are simple. Crowdfunding – a no brainer. Who would have thought you could put the stratospheric success of the kickstarter model and marry it to the meteoric rise of NFT art? Just a matter of time – The clever bods behind had the vision and have actioned it.

hostengine homepage screenshotIt’s a neat proposition and one that will undoubtedly be attractive to many established and upcoming nft project creators. It can be an expensive and time consuming mission to accomplish, especially if a) you’re relying on the proceeds to pay the bills or b) it’s a potentially expensive hobby to indulge in. /

So imagine if you could propose an idea and then just crowdfund it in the ordinary way. Here’s the project, these are the rewards, in this case a limited edition of NFT’s which haven’t been created yet. When they are sold in advance, you can produce them to order and send them out, or perhaps you can start work on the series like I’ve done, but not finish it yet !

EXAMPLE AI ARTWORK unused imagery 2500pxI was invited by to propose a project for their inaugural clutch of seed projects and I had some really interesting & in depth conversations with them. Once I had drilled down into the technical details I came up with a project proposal which I had already thinking about and the beauty is I didn’t actually have to commit to it before the rewards (nfts) have been backed.  

I had decided I wanted to do something with A.I painting and to make it interesting I was going to curate a series of works in self similar themes. The results are really interesting. I will be compiling 12 sheets of 4×4 abstract paintings. (each nft will contain 16 images on a 6000x6000px sheet (about 80cm x 80cm)
and there will be an edition of 5 each. You can back a whole set of 12 or just one, or two or 3.

The added bonus for the wannabe collector is that the platform is crypto agnostic. As the project is in beta mode you can buy NFS with a drop down selection of a number of cryptocurrencies. In the future, you’ll pretty much be able to pay with whatever crypto you have to hand. The project has it’s own token which has a healthy liquidity pool on pancakeswap  the (HOE) token. Funds raised are added to the liquidity pool and the artist are paid out in the HOE token. They can then draw them down or keep the HOE token and support the project in case it goes BOOM to the MOON 😉  When artists draw down (exchange) from the pool, the platform deducts a couple of percentage commission fee. It’s neat.

let’s see how it goes !

here’s an nftaggregator exclusive peek preview of the project. This is sheet 2 at quarter scale (1500px x 1500px). These nfts are on offer for $50 floor price, about 6xtz. I’m betting on the secondary market with a standard 15% royalty. This series will be clean minted on TEZOS. If you’d like to pre-order one of these lovelies, follow the link sheet2 signed quarter scale 1500px

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