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HexaHero Hexa NFT Drop

The HexaHero Hexa NFT is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated virtual Hexas or battle robots for the HexaHero game. HexaHero is the first game to be launched in the MetaGaia metaverse & is set for a beta launch in Q2 of 2022. 

In the year 2048, robot battle tournaments have become the most popular spectator sport in the galaxy — drawing engineers, scientists and designers from all over the universe to compete using their skills and wit. HexaHero is a tournament where each player buys, breeds and battles robots in a head-to-head competition to earn crypto. Each player will use three Hexa robots and three Heros for each battle, strategically choosing how to pair each Hexa and Hero together to defeat your opponent and win big.


Whitelist positions are limited – only 300 spots are available. Only our Whitelist can access the pre-sale drop. To join our Whitelist, visit our Discord:

Pre-Sale (Whitelist Only)

Date: March 31st

Time: 9:30 am EST

Quantity: 800 Hexas

Price: 0.5 SOL


Public Sale

Date: April 1st

Time: 9:30 am EST

Quantity: 1200 Hexas

Price: 0.88 SOL

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