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Hello fellow NFT peeps!

Hello and good morning to all.

I just came across NFTAggregator on Twitter and really liked what I saw. I’ve dabbled over at TryShowtime, but kind of hated that there was no way to build a story or to interact with others on the site aside from commenting on their NFTs if/when you found them. I’ll likely stay active there, but this feels more “natural” and I’m very much looking forward to exploring it.

I am not, as yet, an NFT collector, but am very much a creator who can’t draw.  I compensate for that inability by pushing my camera to its limits photographing rockets and rocket launches, deep space objects and the planets, and all things nature. And, to that end, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites here as NFT collections. I would like to think that the content I create is at least a little off the beaten path here in the NFT community and offers something unique and different for collectors. I very much lean toward fine art style in my imaging versus commercial or technical, and I hope that my eye for composition, drama, detail, and beauty pleases.

At present I have two collections –  

* A Spacefaring Species – photos of rockets/launches and astrophotography

* In My Nature – photos of nature, animals, weather, and the intersection between man and nature.

I generally try to add something new, to one collection or the other, on a daily basis, or nearly so. All of my NFTs, to date, are single edition 1 of 1 mints and I pretty much always include both the RAW camera image, as proof of origin, and the full resolution post-processed image (which is usually way too large to present as the NFT cover image) for the owner to enjoy, print, and/or display.

I look forward to getting to know you all, exploring your NFT creations and collections, learning, and sharing.


PS: This particular photo is my cover shot, and was my first NFT on OpenSea. I absolutely love the moodiness of it. The spotlights paint the sky over the launch pad, but the stars still shine above, and it all reflects in the dead still Banana River. It was shot just before the ULA NROL-44 launch at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center. And whose idea was it to launch rockets in the middle of the night from a Florida swamp, anyway?! 

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