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Heading to Mars

Join the religious movement of living on Mars. Like all great religions before it, this requires strict commitments and sacrifices to ensure its followers reach salvation in their Earthly afterlife as well as in the heavenly one to come. To get going, you need only look at our martian calendar: we start with a Pit Spirit Festival honoring Klarashavep’s migration from Earth to find more inhabitable land; then there is the High Feast of Blessed New Earth welcoming the living memory back for generations lost in an out-of-date world; finally, we end with Great Giving Day when work resumes on our spacecraft so navigators can chart their course among the stars (and avoid collision with asteroids!) Conjure peace and happiness! #lazereyes #hodl

Stop by our website lazereyes.io, join our telegram https://t.me/lazereyescrypto or https://t.me/lazereyescommunityofficial and follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/LZR_Eyes

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Brilliant Bunny -part 2-

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