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Gor Chahal

Moscow visual artist, one of the pioneers of multimedia arts in Russia. Dealing with digital Art since the early 90-s.

1961 – born in Moscow.

1972-76 – study in a drawing in studio Tatiana Kiparisova.

1983 – first poetic experiences.

1985 – finished with distinction Moscow physical-engineering institute on a speciality "The Applied mathematician".

1985-87 – organised group "Parallel actions", acquainting Moscow rock - stage with poetic performance (with poet Arcadiy Semenov).

1987-88 – created creative association "Theatre - post" with a composer Camil Chalaev and group "The underground", carrying out the whole number actions and performances, among which are the most known: "The Earth and Factory", "Afonasiy", "AIDS in the time of Plague".

1988 – realised a number of the joint projects with group "Champion of the world".

1988-89 – made a series of "hermetic" actions.

1989 – transit from actions to virtual performance.

1994 – start working with virtual sculpture.

1995-96 – grant of Berlin’s Academy of Arts.

2004 – grant of MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.

2007 – experimentally proved his hypothesis on transphysical impact of art works on noosphere.

2009 –realised the principal of reverse perspective in photography and video.

2010 – curator of exhibition "Dvoeslovie/Dialogue", the first exhibition of actual art at orthodox church in Moscow.

2011 – winner of "Opencall" Art competition of the Media Arts Moscow International Symposium "Pro&Contra" in the nomination of "Screen interactive media".

2013 – curator of exhibition "The Gifts" of contemporary christian art at the State museum of architecture, Moscow.

2014 – elected an honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts.

2015 – avarded the medal "to dignified" of Russian Academy of Arts.

2020 – curator of the 1-st Biennale of Christocentric art, Chernigov Patriarchal Compound, Moscow.

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