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Goddess of Wealth – n. 2


This is the second card of Goddess of Wealth, brings spiritual and material wealth, indicates prosperity and well-being.

Part of the Satoshi Secret – Series 1 –  a special collection of cards that bring good luck and secrets to keep.

The first of 3 common cards ( 1 legendary ) which are inspired by the Goddesses bearers of good omen, with exclusive hand drawn and contaminated with digital art, for a maximum of 1000 cards for each Goddess, transferable and burnable.

We started with the launch of the first 100 pieces of the GODDESS OF WEALTH on AtomicHub Market
since 11/29.

Mint max 1000 – Different message each 100 cards.

Unsold ones will be removed from market  (burned / special promotional packages).

Price: 4 Wax

If you can treasure what the cards contain, then this are the right card for you.

Get your Goddess of Wealth Card and become the guardian of its secret message.

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Source a black Nigeria woman

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