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Girls Gone Crypto NFT Story

The Nymph Universe of Matriarchal Ethereum

Brought to you by Girls Gone Crypto NFT

Women on the frontiers of time and space are far from docile nurturers of children.  In the land of Nymph they have re-evolved into their fierce Amazonian forebears from Planet Earth.  The domestic sphere is something that they evolved beyond over three hundred years ago, and humanity entered a new paradigm after the genetic adaptations precipitating the empire building of Delta Intergalactic Colonization (DIC).  In this brave new world, women hold the reins of the blockchain bull market; like all things feminine they are free in a way that men have not been in a multitude of generations, and men simply are no longer evolved in the traditional provider sense, as was the case during the dark ages of capital currency exchanges.  In fact, men’s existence at all is rather ethereal, like a wistful gaze into the past.  In this new world order of DIC, the remaining men are now enslaved by these inhabitants by the same DIC values that once empowered the old world of historical misogyny.         

Enter Sam, NFT 0 Genesis Mint onto this exceptional planet of Nymphs.  Like a community of fair human mystics with superhuman intellect, “government” happens by discussion, rather than by the imperatives of conquest.  The bellicosity of the past ended two hundred years prior.  Sam’s progenitors survived through course prostitution until they began to embody the DIC values that pervaded toxic masculinity.  Like Judith slaying Holofernes from the biblical stories of the ancient humans, effete men were consumed by the cannibalism of their own market forces.  In a paradoxical way, women adapted to only have daughters, and the male chromosome was lost like a relic from the old monastic orders of Earth.  This may have been intentional as it is an axiom that women from this planet can find anything, just as their great grandmothers did for their great grandfathers centuries before Nymph was discovered.  Her-story is told by the victors, and Sam is the penultimate winner, having escaped the disintegrating values of Earth’s machismo, only to plant her DIC flag in the Virgin land of Planet Nymph. 

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