0 GGC Genesis Sam

GGC Genesis Sam-0

  • Sam was orphaned by the Last Great War of the Nation-States before the Delta Intergalactic Colony (DIC) emerged. Her mother had established a matrilineal queenship, but the shadowy Eunuchs of the court poisoned her mother’s lungs with a fine invisible powder whilst she slept in her queen’s bed. The femininity of Sam’s mother’s generation was based upon their visionary intellect, and Sam grew up raised in something resembling a technological coven school. In her valedictory address she spoke of being a “cyborg Queen” in a “new world beyond the mistakes of patriarchal tyranny.” Stepping off the Sentinel Starship into the humidity of Nymph reminded her of a coven trip to the ruins of the African Congo, sweat began to glisten off her breasts, and she exhaled the suffering of her mamma and the old world left in disrepair.

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1 GGC Genesis Eva

1-GGC Genesis Eva

Art Portrait BW04

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