Gerry English Hires Tools


An Atlas – A Book before Google Maps.

This project has been created by Jesamine James. A selection of people were asked to name a hand tool they use for work and a list was created. Due to the subject of this project, every outline has been hand drawn, freehand with a pen, as this was my tool of the trade prior to the technologies that artificially, though perfectly, place each line or shape on the plain. The evolution of mankind was hugely accelerated by the use of hand tools and I cannot state enough the importance of continuing to practice with them and hone skills to create, repair and simplify tasks. It’s no use to have the intelligence of a brain surgeon if you can’t wield a knife or manipulate a needle to insert a stitch. Cherish your hand tools and become adept at your crafts. Treasure your skills because, maybe someday, we’ll depend on them again for our survival. Disclaimer – No animals were harmed during the creation of this collection. The white rabbit was a suggestion from a retired magician.

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