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Gathering Evidence

All of this below is whats written with the NFT and can be viewed here.

Gathering Evidence is a single piece of fractal art. No layers, no manipulations. Its exactly as it was rendered and was, on a personal level, possibly my most challenging yet. It took over 4 hours just to render it.

The Story…The phone call was made to Emergency Services, it sounded like someone had been murdered next door. Onsite, the forensics team found nothing that would assist with the initial investigation. Forensics were completely baffled. No foot or finger prints, no hairs or fibers, simply put there were no clues to go with.

Was this to become a perfect crime?

Back at the lab while going through the collected evidence bags, and under magnification of a state of the art microscope, they found something? A blood splatter pattern never seen before, on a material unknown to them but resembling a diamond? Was this a part of the murder weapon? Was this in the room before the murderer arrived? Was this left behind to direct forensics away from any other evidence?

Maximum magnification showed another item of curiosity, something of shape to a fibre, but yet, not? Too small for a hair. Too small for any man made fibre known to man.

Will this be the perfect crime they speak of for decades to come?

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