Galactic Yoga #5

I am an artist. Art is a life for me, not a hobby. I also earn my living with art. I think this NFT universe is both an opportunity and a motivation for us artists. I love the concept of Yoga that integrates with my art style. Blending the energy of yoga, which brings the soul and body together with the universe, with art gives me pleasure. I think it makes more sense for NFT collectors when a little digital touch is added to the work.

Here are #5 of my Galactic Yoga collection. Yoga figure, watercolor and mixed technique painting with digital touch. 1/1

Increase your life energy. I made this artwork in Thailand koh Phangan with Yoga Spirit. You can unlock original mov file after buying Galactic Yoga 5

Maybe it’s time to buy this special piece of art

On ZERO trading fees. Literally save thousands on every NFT purchase! #NFT#NFTart#ETH#NFTpaintings

I failed to upload a video in .mp4 format here, but if you click on the project link, you can view the video.

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