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From C4N5 with love!

Everything has its story. Ours began at dozen unsuccessful investments in hyped NFT projects. For us, that’s the main pain of the NFT community. You’re getting involved in the project. You believe in it. What comes next? Nothing mostly.

So we’ve decided to change it. Project C4N5 is not just the NFT collection with awesome artwork (at least we think so). We’re the experienced team of engineers artists and marketers who aim at adding value to the NFTs.

Funds from the sale will be used to increase them and most part of the profit will be redistributed between holders.

So you’ll regularly get crypto just for holding NFT. That’s our hold-to-earn philosophy.

Additionally, part of the profit will be used for the development of mobile P2E games. Our core team’s cumulative experience in this area counts in decades. And guess who’s going to get the part of the profit? Yeah, holders! Like a piece of cake!


1. Awesome 3D art

2. Experienced team

3. Rewards for holders

Does it make us the perfect NFT project? We guess so!

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