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Fright Night

1st of many of the different sports that these monster are playing. Fright Night Sports Club is producing the best monsters for their sport. Follow along and see what Monster Club is next. Only 5000 created.

There are common jerseys, star jersey, legend jerseys , rare and legend heads and border.
background and body is the same

…….Phase 1 complete October sale for all @ .0243….. ….Phase 2 common jerseys @.025…. …. star jerseys @.0267…… … legendary @.031…… Starting on the 3rd of December buy one get one free until December 10th (completed) after price is scaling up. even with different heads or borders pricing is based on jerseys for now but there are less borders and heads than others with different rarities.

Phase 3 starting ….common  .1 rare .2 legend .3 

Once we get 500 holders next monster club is going to be worked on with whitelist available. Join us in our discord for constant giveaways aswell on our IG and Twitter. Check our website for rarity details. 

NFT print studio also provides physical canvas with our collection. Stickers and posters aswell with barcodes to show proof we own. I hope you enjoy and have fun collecting. 

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