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FREE SKuLL BEER for the weekend!

SKuLLs love the lazy and luxury life. Lazy with a SKuLL beer in the weekend. Last weekend there was a giveaway and next weekend there will be one too! 11 SKuLLlovers received a 3D NFT beer. 

Stay tuned this weekend and follow us @Twitter:

The bronze SKuLLs are for sale now (great trade/flipobjects) only now for 0.02 ETH : 

VIP CLUB SKuLL is a NFTproject with 3D SKULLS. It contains three different SKuLLs: GOLD, Silver & Bronze.

GOLD STATUS SKuLLS receive exclusive objects to create [passive] income. We like the lazy ones and want to facilitate them. We’ll pay you with $JONKO. Value is defined based on growth rates for earnings.It’s up to the GOLD community what to do with the exclusive objekts.GOLD STATUS SKuLLS will be invited for LUXURY live events. 

Silver STATUS SKuLLS are important to the community. We want to give them all opportunities to become a GOLD STATUS MEMBER. We’ll pay you with $JONKO and you receive exclusive objekts.

bronze STATUS SKuLLS are traders and receive exclusive objekts. Can you grow into a GOLD STATUS SKuLL?  

$JONKO is the NFT token that fuels the #VIPCLUBSKULL ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

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