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Fractalism – a peek behind the Curtain

Fractals. An obscure branch of mathematics, infinitely complex self similar patterns and they have found a place within the human imagination since they begun to be described by CGI processing. I first saw fractal geometry in the 80s. It made me think of the self repeating nature of the Universe and how it could just go on forever, small patterns nested inside larger ones until infinity.

Screenshot 20210904 191905 GalleryFractalism Infinite Recombination generative animation available here in a limited edition of 15 on H=N
(6 SOLD)  

As part of my own creative journey and particularly as part of my exploration of NFT art, I’ve added fractalism to my growing portfolio of generative art. Currently in black and white and evolving from op-art influenced animation (which is in part homage to my Dad, Mike Hatjoullis) who as a textile designer in the 60’s developed op art design Concord for the the Palladio Seven range of wallpapers – at WPM Wallpaper Manufacturers design studio where Mike was a studio designer with Deryck Healey. It was part of the first op art textile designs and later became a fabric collection.. The Palladio ranges have been featured in textile design lectures and design books ever since. I inherited the gesthalt gene from my Dad and as a fellow left hander, have a natural affinity for all things black and white.

Screenshot 20210905 140726 GalleryFractalism Infinite Recombination 2 generative animation available here in a limited edition of 15 on H=N
(1 SOLD)

The fractal patterns I’ve been generating and rendering surprise me every time. There are glimpses of nature in all of them, a kind of natural yinyang emerges and in the latest piece (available in a limited) edition on hicetnunc Fractalism Inverse Obverse asks questions about black and white, negative space and what is real. I became really transfixed by the quantum looking sea of wave particles which emerge,where dark matter, dark energy and anti-matter are white or black, up is down.

Screenshot 20210906 225716 GalleryFractalism Inverse Obverse generative animation available here in a limited edition of 15 on H=N

It all feeds into the outerground motto of I’m you, you’re me, we’re them, they’re us.. which basically states that we’re all one. If you reach a higher dimension (or go back to the very beginning of time), you can easily see that the only thing which separates us is time, and spacetime is just a dimensional illusion. We really are all one.. Many artists, thinkers, scientists have grasped this concept, as have countless ordinary individuals through intuitive moments of synchronicity and seemingly fabulous coincidence. Cosmic jokes which allow us a peek behind the curtain. I’m in love with these ideas.

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