for my father!

For three months now, my father has been struggling with leukemia, and along the way we have to face a lot of problems that are solved by blogging caring people. Now not only my father is undergoing treatment, but with him all his loved ones who love him and who are willing to spend their time and financial resources. Our people have such a saying or you can say wisdom that says this: “to the question of whether you have seen on a holiday, we answer if my people let me in” this is a literal translation and it may not sound very good, but the bottom line is that if you alone can’t do something, you need to ask your people.  So that’s what I wanted to write about, let’s not stay away in someone else’s grief or trouble, let’s be kinder to each other. After all, life is too short to spend it on all sorts of little things like quarrels or greed, squabbling, distrust. This is my post that I ask you to read and understand the essence of it – no one owes anyone and nothing, but if you can and want to help the people who are next to you. Let it be at least a word, but spoken from the heart is already a great support. And if you have more, then do not skimp on material help. I am writing this post because now my father needs help. I’m not asking you to give us money or to collect some help for us, there is a link at the bottom where if you like my drawings, you can buy them for yourself. I also have a profile on UPWORK if you need help with a video monage, then for a modest ganarar I can help you and you can help my father. I will leave all links to the somna connection at the end of the post.




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