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Father of the New World – a few minutes after the end

End or new beginning? I always wondered what the father of cryptocurrency thought and did after that last message? Was he sad or was he, knowing what he started and was happy? And you know what? He was happy. He sang. Definitely. He knew. Just as, when he planned and created Bitcoin, he knew everything and thought about everything, so even then, after that last message, he knew what would happen in the future and he was happy. He knew … This unique NFT represents the father of Bitcoin and the entire Crypto world, who sent the last message in his room and let Bitcoin go and build its own future. I think that the picture alone is not enough. That’s why there’s a book. This NFT design contains a digital image, a picture in a thick glass frame and a book, a novel written about that event, that change in a long financial history.

The book will be published exactly 6 months after the sale of the painting. The plan is also to publish the book to the general public, but in 3 months from the delivery of the first and unique copy of the novel, whose cover will be the same as the picture in digital format. So that’s not for me. I want to offer it for sale, for a real collector to buy it and show that it is a valuable work, because it represents the beginning of the New World. I believe that this first book, after a year of ownership, will be much more valuable to the next collector.

The book is about the life and work of Satoshi Nakamoto and takes us through adventures to the time of planning and creating the first Bitcoin *.

Here you go. Make offers. Show how much it is worth remembering this moment in human history.

*The plot of the novel is pure fiction and imagination of the writer and does not want to offend or expose anyone

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