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Fancy Eggs

Believe it or not this Fancy Egg series began life as a street portrait. I had just returned to photography after certain personal events had drastically changed my life. I started taking the subway to Downtown LA, just me and my camera, and found that the architecture I thought would interest me most wasn’t nearly as compelling as the people. Pretty soon I began to photograph the characters I met in the city almost exclusively. They were sometimes homeless, often eccentric, and always fascinating. One of them was a man wearing this amazing bowler hat. The first thing I always think about when I see a bowler hat is the work of the artist Magritte. Well a few months later I thought it might be fun to do a series of still life portraits using inanimate objects. I wanted to show that you could make a portrait out of almost anything. Everything can have personality. And so I photographed a brown pastured egg and composited that same bowler hat into a new portrait. The Original Egg with Bowler Hat has been displayed in galleries and is currently being sold on sites like Society 6. Now the amazing ascendence of NFTs has made me want to give new life to that little egg of mine, and that’s why I’ve created the Fancy Egg collection. Apart from these first 20 Fancy Eggs, there are also a few rare Extra Fancy Eggs and even a few Strange Fancy Eggs.

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Masquerade Mask

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