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Face of Blanks – Series 1 Mint

Face of Blanks is a collection of art series working towards linking mental health nonprofits with NFTs. Our mission is to support various mental health nonprofits with art fully generated by advanced ML algorithms. The goal of the collections is toboth raise awareness for the numerous mental health illnesses while financially supporting those who are also working towards the mental health community.

Each collection is dedicated to a mental health nonprofit,meaning that 25% of every dollar spent in the primary and secondary market goes to the corresponding nonprofit of the series. In order to build passive income for the nonprofits, the amount of pieces in a series is small. This will encourage a higher floor price and more action in the secondary market, so buying off of the mint is the best option.

On top of actively supporting nonprofits, you will gain access to a community of mental health activists. Some of the proceeds from the secondary market will go back out the community to pay for community members’ mental health bills (ie. medication, therapy, etc.) In addition, we will allocate part of the primary funds towards floor sweeping other mental health NFTs and airdropping them to holders.

Our drop begins 1.1.22, but you can get updates on twitter and discord:

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wow these are really cool

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