extraordinary-creatures – NEW Seller – PROMOTION until February 28th

A big bang, crunching metal and a huge cloud of dust…. What a crash landing!

It’s January 28th, 2022 – a spaceship from planet Magua 7V is stranded between us, accompanied by 1200 unique beings – extraterrestrials. Overwhelmed by the biodiversity and beauty of our planet, they are now looking for earthlings to start their jouney of discovery.

Their task: find a place to understand and live with the human race.

Every newcomer is now looking for a home on our planet. Do you want to be his new friend?

After some time on earth, we can be curious to see which creatures will still reach our planet.


There is a promotion until February 28th, 2022.

Buy 1 NFT and get 2 additional ones for free.


Buy 2 NFT and get 4 additional ones for free.

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Into reality

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From C4N5 with love!