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Disguised amongst us and ready to invade more than just our planet, these extraterrestrials have infiltrated the Ethereum network. With thousands of unique disguises, the High Citadel of planet Probium has sent 6969 (nice) of their best spies to penetrate any hole within the mainnet’s defenses. Your EtherProbe also doubles as membership into the High Citadel, an exclusive collective of like-minded individuals embarked on a never-ending quest to satisfy their immense hunger for Ethereum.

Q: Where can I buy EtherProbez?

A: EtherProbez are currently available to mint via our website and can then be viewed or traded in any NFT viewing platform such as Opensea. 

Q: What is the maximum number of EtherProbez available?

A: Only 6969 (nice) EtherProbez will ever be minted.

Q: What is β€œThe Citadel”?

A: The Citadel is an exclusive club only accessible by holding one or more EtherProbez in your wallet. Within The Citadel a host of awesome features become available to you. LinkChili is a highly experienced, a successful trader and technical analysis guru. Here, we will share analysis, alerts, relevant news articles, trade set up ideas, and more pertaining to Ethereum. Osprey Alpha is a wizard within the NFT space. Here, Osprey will share upcoming and current projects currently on the radar as well as some unique trade ideas regarding these projects. Being a member of The Citadel also grants you access to the EtherProbez lottery, exclusive giveaways, a strong community of like-minded individuals, and a really cool avatar to show off within the NFT community    

Q: How does the EtherProbez “Mint To Win” function work? 

A: The EtherProbez verified smart contract is unique and revolutionary in the way it rewards it’s holders and early adopters alike. Not only is each EtherProbe a true randomly generated avatar, a membership pass into the exclusive “Citadel Club ” but also functions as an entry into our “Mint To Win” reward system. 

At mint count 6969, our verified smart contract will randomly disperse 16.9 ETH to one lucky EtherProbez holder. But that’s just the beginning. From mint count 69 to 3369 our smart contract will randomly select multiple different minters to instantly receive 0.69 ETH directly into their wallet. That means that every time you hit the mint function you automatically have a chance to 10x your initial investment. Not too shabby. 

Finally, from mint count 0 to 69 each mint has the possibility to award a second EtherProbe directly into your wallet. This is very important as the more EtherProbez you hold, the more likely your address will be selected to receive the final disbursement of 16.9 ETH. In addition, NFTs from the first 100 of a collection traditionally hold a strong value on the secondary market. All of this is included just for becoming part of the collective in addition to the utilities above-mentioned. We are proud to announce that all of these functions can be publicly viewed and verified. Best of luck!


A: If you own an EtherProbe, use command !join in the |bot-commands channel to start the verification through MetaMask to acquire VERIFIED INVADER status.

COUNCIL OF PROBEZ status is reserved for community members that have been part since day one or are actively helping the community grow and develop.

We give it out when we see fit, no need to spam about it.

β€β€Ž β€Ž

Q: How rare is my EtherProbe?

A: Rarity is a very subjective matter. A lot of collectors are looking for specific traits or matching aesthetics and prices vary depending on these kinds of preferences. If you are interested in a more mathematical/experimental approach, you can check out https://rarity.tools/ (POST LAUNCH) Just be aware that the rarity score is not official and just serves as a rough guideline.

Q: How do I stay up to date about EtherProbez

A: The Discord server is the right place for you. 

In addition, you can follow the official Twitter channel or this website and be the first to hear about any news or updates!

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