Enchanter Hero NFT

Our next Hero NFT drop is coming! The Enchanter is the newest collection of Hero NFTs. Join our Discord now for a chance to join the pre-sale whitelist. More details are available on our server. 

HexaHero will be the first game to be released on MetaGaia. HexaHero is a tournament of the future where you buy, breed and battle robots in head-to-head competition to earn crypto. Each player will use three Hexa robots and three Heros for each battle, strategically choosing how to pair each Hexa and Hero together to defeat your opponent and win crypto.

MetaGaia is the premiere experience-to-earn metaverse, enabling a culture of digital ownership in a thrilling, captivating world. In MetaGaia, users can use their Hero NFT as an avatar to explore the planet, earn crypto, socialize with friends and play games.


  • 800 Hero NFTs

  • Cost: 0.5 SOL

  • August 23rd at 10:30 AM ET

Public Sale:

  • 1200 Hero NFTs

  • Cost: 0.88 SOL

  • August 24th at 10:30 AM ET

Join our Discord for a chance to whitelist for the presale.

Mint here

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