Elves, Mushrooms and Gems

Sometimes we may ask ourselves where stories and ideas comes from, and whether we write stories or stories write us.

For the past two years I have been constantly working on abstract painting and screenplay writing. I recently started and NFT art collection, and the decided to incorporate some older digital art pieces into the new collection. 

The collection story starts in Year 2035; flooded cities, forced migration, the Amazon has turned to savannah. Amidst dwindling resources, the earth is overrun by greedy warlords. Explorers, adventurers, and opportunist venture beyond the earth realms to the worlds of Elves and Gnomes in pursuit of legendary precious gems and magical objects capable of bringing wealth and transforming earth.  Some mysterious Shaman offer Magic Mushrooms to explorers who travels to Elfstan or the Elfverse seeking precious gems. The explorer consumes the Mushrooms….mysterious portals open and the adventure begins.

As I development the collection it became clear that I also needed to create a virtual video game and fantasy film in connection with the NFT collection. However, I suddenly realized that the  Action-Adventure screenplay I already finished (film project currenly in development) is actually a sequal of what happens hundreds of year later when a teen boy on a museum visit touches one of the old gems from Elfstan.

NFT project “Shaman’s Pack” collection Launch – April 1, 2022.                                    http://nft.spacetimepictures.org/

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