EerieRIP #10

Remembering my first NFT sale back then at the beginning with my crazy collection of  beans on Skateboards, so I’m not trying to sell you ought.

This one is again up for sale by the new owner. 

The original description – 

My Beans inhabit other worlds skating through space and time at their leisure.  To their mild annoyance, they aim to avoid the mood mice in their isolation bubble orbs. Occasionally orbs collide only to repel one another like glass marbles and no mice have broken out, so far.

This whole collection was inspired by my early physical painting, ‘Cas’, and created during the lockdown winter of 2021.

Cas was the first “Bean ‘Ed Skater” painting and was created in 2000 on a very large hard board with orange and blue acrylic paint. He still hangs proudly on my wall.

The Beans in this collection are offspring derived from this original Cas the Bean ‘Ed painting. 

The mice are people I once knew and represent real beings in Misolation bubbles.

This collection is named in memory of my only real companion during the lockdown – Eerie the Guinea Pig who sadly died suddenly during the creation of this collection. How does such a small creature leave such a big hole?

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