E.T 12 Tarot Cards

E.T Cards

I made this small collection of 12 unique tarot cards images of 2022×2022 pixels each.

trying to find at least 12 investors to set up the simplified universal time project.

The NFT device is ideal for this.

the funds are necessary to start the counter and the social network.

These investors will have privileges and returns for their investments as well as the NFT they have.

after this step, there will be a large collection for users and network members.

that was my approach to getting investment.

but there are other ways of course, if you think NFT also don’t hesitate to be part of the project and find an effective approach if you want. Thank you.
the world is for everyone.

we only need funds to create the game E.T play to earn
and the counter that manages the SWT.

Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus – Secret of The Secrets Revealed –

Tarot Cards 

Timeverse Game

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