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E.T 12 000 Days Collection

12 000 Days in SWT Counter is 12 000 / 360 = 33.33333 years.

one ~ Cycle and 3 years ° 

~ C 1.3

The first big NFT Collection of this project.

Every NFT is a Tday access to the active social network.

i am trying to make this generative collection and wonder if the colors and the concept are good enough to continue the process.



514 24

The collection is generating right now!!


 maybe i should post this on my group to discuss about it.

anyway its a story.. that we can make! Amen

Please tell me how do you find this concept , is the size too big? (2022×2022) 

Do i need to add something to the forms ? a text maybe!?

Thank you guys 

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