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 Freedom of Thailand

 1.112 ETH

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 Detail :

We don’t have the real Freedom of Thailand because of 112 section of Thai law. The concept of the ART. I want to sell 112 out of Thailand. We don’t want 112. Please take it away.

112 is a section code of law in Thailand. Legislated as “Section 112. Insulting or Defaming Royal Family: Whoever, defames, insults or threatens the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.”

This law was legislated unfairly because you could be accused by somebody who want to libel you if you talk or express about royal family.112 was criticized as “Inhuman” it’s injustice, violated international law, violated human rights.

112 was used to people who speak up about royal famlily, demand freedome of speech and expression.Nowadays, there are many activists and protesters was prosecuted by 112 and many of them was incarcerated immediately, no investigation.

 Many people was enforced disappearance, was murdered by 112.You can know more please click : https://freedomforthai-en.carrd.co

 50 % of sale price will Donate to the People’s Prasong Fund (กองทุนราชประสงค์) 

. the People’s Prasong Fund (กองทุนราชประสงค์) Fund for bail and fines in cases related to the exercise of the right to freedom of expression in politics in thailand

Finally , so many thank you very much.  My friend was fight with Junta and injustice in Thailand since last years and got many injustice from State . I think  art is the one way to communicate and fight with them .

Thank you again !

people will never lose .

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