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My pursuit of creative expression through the visual arts has been a life long commitment. As early as I can remember I was doodling and drawing all that I could see. Like any youth in this day and age, my natural affinity to interactive media instilled a passion in me and quickly became an obsession. Originally from the East Coast, I gradually made my way across the United States until I settled in Oceano, California. It is here that I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Polytechnic State University in 2019. During this time, my studies focused on the development of Art throughout history. This profound understanding of the chronological recording of cultural influences and the overarching progression of human civilization that demonstrated to me how visual communication had an ever expanding influence on society as a whole. As I pursued my degree in Studio Art and design, I found myself learning from the greats and developing a desire to create more than just visual experiences.

My fascination with artists like Jackson Pollock and his frenetic movement, color, and composition in his paintings instilled in me a yearning to work in large scale. It is here that I diverged in exhibition based artwork by pursuing complex, expressionistic pieces. This ultimately pushed me towards my initial creations that involved multi-sensory input, in which, the viewer is confronted by multiple stimuli, implicating themselves into the piece both physically and emotionally. I accomplished this through mixed mediums that have time constraints such as sculptural ice or photosensitive materials. With the aid of gravity-an inescapable force that serves as a sensory reminder of our physical limitations, that I'm able to create randomized movement. The varying effects create a sense of immersion, transporting, and altering the individuals understanding of the current reality they reside in. Artists such as minimalist Donald Judd, addressed an aspect of this type of immersion. Judd focused on the constructed object, the space it occupied, it's presence, and the effect it had on its viewer and in turn the impact it had on the object. This symbiotic relationship is what I intend to create. Currently, I am exploring alternative methods of captivating audiences by immortalizing physical exhibitions into digitally recreated augmented reality experiences. It is with the introduction of Blockchain technology that I am discovering a digital frontier that exists within this metaverse. The digitization of physical artwork through the process of minting NFTs, in essence, immortalizes the art. These technological advancements are providing Art the opportunity to be experienced like never before. Depth perception, dynamic surfaces, multi sensory input, haptic feedback, spatial awareness, artificial lighting, and augmented realities paired with cryptography is revolutionizing trade, data storage, and decentralized finance, ultimately, the dissemination of visual information.


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