Grief III

Disenfranchised Grief

To be perfectly transparent, the motivation behind this is obvious. In short, I am grieving. Roughly 7 days ago this day on Aug 9, I had to make an end of life decision for my animal-companion. His name was “Einstein” and he was the dearest friend I have ever had. I imagine some if not most  can relate with this experience in one way or another. However, there are those who may not understand or empathize. It is an unfortunate aspect to this process of grieving but very real nonetheless. Science has proven through a multitude of studies on brain activity alone where they identified that the loss of your pet is equivalent if not more when losing a person. But why I ask you is there an awkward energy towards those individuals who grieve this loss? One in which a connection with another being that fulfilled such a profoundly important role in your life? I don’t have the answer. But what I can say is disenfranchised grief is very real. It’s a societal construct that imprisons that individual with their pain and loss. It creates shame around your own feelings. It buckles you further when you already are crippled by the weight of pain. You want to understand your loss but other’s convince you to believe that you are expected to grieve for X amount of time or how for that matter. Being someone who has experienced all of this recently, I can confidently say to you that every process of grief is different, personal, and each unique. Allow yourself to feel that pain in your own way and never let anyone make you feel wrong for doing so. 

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