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Dinooos!! New generation!


Check out our new video and collection @Opensea. Wraaaahw do you like it?

Dinooos are +600 collectible ERC-1155 extremely rare Non-Fungible Tokens stored on Ethereum blockchains. Each Dinooo is a key to a luxury NFTlife. Rare Dinooos >0.5 ETH will be delivered, after sales, with a professional NFTmonitor –> plug and play your Dinooo, show it to your mates. Greatest NFT project from Prehistory! Why? –> Sell your Dinooo and get 5% fee.

More info? Visit https://Dinooos.com for more details. Grab your piece of history!

Some Dinooos Include unlockable content that can only be revealed by the owner of the item.
Make your Dinooo more valuable and extremely rare with our accessory –> https://opensea.io/collection/dinooosstore

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