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Hi all NFT Lovers!

Greenpixels_ArtStudio proudly presents our new website: 

Check it out, follow us @Twitter  and share your thoughts in the comments. 

Join our group:

Dinooos launched as a set of 300 handmade Dinosaurs in end 2021 and living on the Prehistoric Ethereum blockchain Kingdom. The Dinooos are unique NFT digital collectibles (21 Polygon items –> #Ambassadors). Dinooooholders can participate in exclusive events.

Some Dinooos Include unlockable content [accessory*] that can only be revealed by the owner of the item. Make your Dinooo more valuable and rare with your free accessory.

[*] –>

More Dinooos and more surprises @2022 .

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ETronx Origin Lex #Common

unnamed 1

Living History Collection