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Tigers have diverse habitats.  

Tigers can thrive in mangrove swamps, rainforests, savannas, and grasslands.  Just as long as they have enough resources, they can survive.

There are more caged tigers than those in the wild.

It’s known that the US has at least 5, 000-10,000 captive tigers, while only 3,000 of its population lives free in the wild.  

Caged tigers are kept in many areas.  

Almost 90% of all captured tigers are found in circus wagons, roadside zoos, homes, and backyard breeder facilities. 

Tigers are the most common big cat.

Although they’re among the most endangered, tigers still top the list of big cats in terms of their population. They are followed by lions, with jaguars for the third spot. 

Tigers have extremely sharp teeth.

Tigers use their powerful teeth and jaws to munch through bones, sinew, and meat. Their teeth are so sharp that it could snap necks and kill prey in one blow.  

Tigresses have a short fertile window. 

For the entire year, female tigers are only fertile for at least 4-5 days. Within this time frame, they constantly mate with male tigers and get pregnant a few months after. 

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