Wild card 8

Devil's Goat

S-Rank#6- Dark ClassIt is different from other classes. They are infact as strong as Legendary cards if compared.Only 2 cards are minted!!

Collect this valuable card and flaunt your collection !! 

Each wild card has abilities which are described in 5 forms.
1. Power
2. Offence
3. Defense
4. Speed
5. Special Attack

These cards are categorised in 5 status class.
1. Legend Class
2. Gold Class
3. Silver Class
4. Bronze Class
5. Normal Class
6. Dark Class
Each class have different set of rankings from Rank#0 to Rank#99.where-
Rank#0 has some unknown power making it the high valuable class collecting card.
Rank#99 has lower power & abilities making to least valuable collecting card.
The same rule applies to the class from Legend to Dark.where
Legend is Highly valuable & Normal is leat Valuable. But the Dark Class cannot be determined just by ranking.
There will only be 23 Dark cards , single edition only. Making it the most valuable collecting card.
Each month, Random cards will he uploaded.
It will be based on first come first buy basis.
1. The higher the ranking the better the value of the card.
2. The high the Class the better the value of the card.
Except Darkedition.

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