Рассвет в горах

Dawn in the mountains

In winter, the line between night and day is blurred. This summer morning declares itself publicly, overturning a bucket of soft pink flashes to the ground. In winter, a dirty dawn creeps up unnoticed, surreptitiously. Like a professional assassin.

The sun did not just rise, it surged like a stream and overflowed the whole world.

Look at this dawn. This is the eighth wonder of the world. For this you need to live. Enjoy it every morning, enjoy music, freedom. People are not needed for a happy life. Trust me.

Before sunrise there is a moment when the whole sky becomes so pale, almost colorless … It’s not quite gray and not white, I always liked it, because when you look at it, you believe that something good is about to happen.

The work was created in a single copy

Size 4200 x 2677

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