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Cryptosonoglyphs Series 2 – Sacred Bark

Sacred Bark – Ideo. or det. wiȝ; Det. in divine bark, “bark of dawn”; Det. to sail, when divine journeys are meant

The divine bark appears rudderless as it steers itself into the afterlife.

Sacred Bark is Cryptosonoglyph 2 of 85 in the second series of the collection.Each Cryptosonoglyph is a blend of cryptography, hieroglyphics, 3D digital animation and sound—fusing one of the oldest information technologies with contemporary encryption techniques. Purchase of each glyph unlocks a full HD, 4K and 8K mp4, and an uncompressed wav audio file. A native format is provided for virtually every common display in use today, while 8K resolution future-proofs the collection to the maximum extent possible with today’s technology.

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TURBO. The taste of freedom (1 to 50). High Grade

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