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Crypto Fractal Collectibles

Collect them all! 

Crypto Fractal Collectibles is a set of 10,000 unique NFTs each depicting a different coloring of one of 25 base fractals. There are two coloring schemes labeled A and B and 200 different items for each scheme and base image. 

SPECIAL PERKS: Bet the first to collect all 25 base images of a particular coloring scheme ( (base image name)-12-B) and I will create and give you a unique NFT highlighting your collectibles. Be the first to collect all 50 base images for both schemes ( (base image name)-12-A and B) and get an extra custom NFT. There can only be a few hundred of these custom NFTs ever created so act fast and get yours ASAP!

Owning a Crypto Fractal Collectible will grant you access to future events and gatherings, give special priority to future drops, and much more.

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