Crypto Art meets Vaporwave Aesthetics

Hey Community,

I just created a new collection of some artworks which I crafted in 3D. Years ago I starting getting into this Vaporwave Art. Since then they never left my phone because I love the art to have as a Wallpaper. 

I really vibe with the colors, so I started to create to mint Vaporwave with some flavor of Crypto Art on Opensea. My new collection is called “Crypto Aestheticz” and my 3rd collection of 1/1 3D Animations besides the holographic coins or the cosmonautic projects. 

There are many interpretations for my artworks. But in the end the message should be visible for everybody.

Lets fly together to the moon.

What do you think about these? Appreciate any feedback. 

Have look here:

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chokwe pwo mask 1

You want the #NFTs with the actual piece of Art ? I have them.

Mandala GIF 50speed

New Drop coming soon…