Corrupt Cube 01 1

Corrupt Cubes

I’m a fan of pixel and voxel art and wanted to create something that contains a huge amount of detail, but also satisfying to look at. So, I came up with a concept of Corrupt Cubes.

These are a series of artworks, each with their own colours and randomly inspired design from conversations with friends, to suddenly seeing or hearing something that sets the creative juices flowing.

I started with 001, which was my first highly detailed scene which over a period of a couple of hours, had more and more detailing added. Using reflective materials along with lighting and bloom effects and rendered with some DoF for a bit more atmosphere.

Corrupt Cube 01

002, I wanted to explore differing materials and some differing complexity in the modelling, including some red translucent objects, depicting some corruption of the main object body.

Corrupt Cube 02

I’m planning on creating more in the series as inspiration hits me. I hope you enjoy these ones so far… they can be found here on OpenSea where I’m using the lazy minting (ETH Polygon) to have zero gas fees.

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Corrupt Cube 01 2

Corrupt Cube 001

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