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Cool Consoles Collection

Cool Consoles Collection Drops Feb 28. 5000 unique NFTs featuring nearly all releases from PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Features over 30 years of Game Console History all in 1 Collection! (Check Comments for Details) from NFTsMarketplace


Cool Consoles is a stunning 5000 unique NFT Collection featuring a massive list of digitally drawn Game Consoles. It includes nearly all releases from PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo! All major Console platforms from the 1980’s to present day are included. Contains highly detailed artwork to show of each individual Console’s design. Featuring over 80 Console design variations based on real world releases. 

Each NFT includes 16 random Game Consoles from 16 different platforms. Console appearances vary throughout the collection, so check out the rarity guide on to see if you got something elusive! The rarity system makes Cool Consoles a fun collectible asset! Cool Consoles brings the fun hobby of collecting Video Games into the NFT world! Over 30 years of Game Console history all in a single collection. 

Join the Cool Consoles Club on Discord to engage and also get whitelisted for the pre-sale on Feb 26 12am ET


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