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A Place for a Deep Connection.

Exclusive Contribution to the KodaDot platform


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3D rendering using an old model that already exists in some works used in other contexts. 

When you purchase an NFT from my collection, you are getting a unique piece of art. My set series is a unique blend of digital art and blockchain technology, and each of my tokens is guaranteed to be authentic and unique. As a creator of digital art on the blockchain platform, I always strive to offer an authentic and unique experience to my collectors. For this reason, I never tokenize the same NFT on different platforms. Each of my digital artworks is unique and exclusive, and only one collector will own the token that represents that particular work.

This work was done without the use of artificial intelligence. Each of the pieces in my set series was created by hand, with my own artistic vision and personal style.

Twitter/Instagram: @glauberbnunes

Explore more of my work: https://linktr.ee/glauberbnunes

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