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**Come and enjoy the first African Tribal Art NFTs Cyber Show online**

  •            African Art NFTs Cyber Show

**Come and enjoy the first African Tribal Art NFTs Cyber Show online**

African spiritual art is ancient art usually used in sacred rituals that possess ancestral and natural energies used for protection, clarity, divination, drawing wealth and prosperity among others uses. Some African spiritual art possess secrets only accessible to initiates and tribal members. We now know that through the principle of entanglement and some of the other fundamental scientific quantitative concepts, one can access these energies through interaction with these pieces.

Bringing these pieces into the realm of NFTs will ensure their longevity and allow future generations access to these ancient, sacred, and powerful energies.

This NFTs is inspired by the actual physical pieces of African Art in the possession of current NFT owner who is the creator of the NFTs. The physical pieces of art is also available for sale and will be sold toguether with NFTs.

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African Yoruba Shango King , Kaó Kabiesilé


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