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bungirlThe Dutch artist Denny Stoekenbroek is first and foremost a portrait artist. With charcoals, he tries to show the uniqueness of humans in each of his compositions. 

His style unites the natural with a vintage aesthetic taken from photographic portraits. Indeed, the artist is principally interested in the light and its contrasts. Self-taught, he trained himself through drawing to produce a real representation guided by nuances of black and white. The looks, the hair and the facial characteristics therefore become true expressive concerns. 

He had several expositions in Paris, New York and Amsterdam and was seen in British Vogue, GQ magazine and Tatler. 

This is a study of the human being. All are handdrawing realistic charcoal drawings digitally edited.

All Nft’s are one of a kind. Be a part of the revolution! let’s make these portraits rule the NFT world.

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