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Dear #NFTCommunity, this war is undoubtedly terrible for every person. Families with children with SMA suffer even more.

Vladislav, 1-year-old, sick from SMA, the first child of a Ukrainian family that has just found temporary refuge from the war in Poland.

Every day without treatment is a step to defeat, need treatment as soon possible.

SMA affects the nervous system and muscle control of the body.

If untreated, his quality of life will significantly deteriorate and may result in fatality.

Only hope is a drug  “Zolgensma ” that needs to be administered before he turns 2 years old.

While is a miracle drug, at its current price of $2.3 Million, it is out of reach of Vladislav’s family who fled their country from the war, the fundraising company almost stopped because of war.

They have collected around $160.000.

But $2.3 Million is so far at the moment.

For collecting funds I start auction @withFND

This paint was made by a girl of 8 year.

I work with childrens, we make art, drawing and painting. They are really talented and socially sensitive.

This childs aged 4-14 want to help Ukrainian refugees.

They want to sell their drawings and use the income for the charity.

These creative Childs offered their works to help Ukrainian children.

I started a collection on opensea also, with more  works.

This one one FND. Maybe, i hope, the first.

Please, be kind and make your bid! Please share on your social media!

Once a bid placed, a 24-hour auction will begin.

If you don’t want or you are not able to buy an NFT you can donate directly in many other ways: here you can find all links for direct donation, medical documentation, social media (specially IG is handed by his mother)

Other works you can find on my Twitter profile also (each for 0.5 ETH)

Thank you from my bottom of my heart! 


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