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Castle in the mountains

There are amazing architectural structures in the world that have not been touched by time and natural phenomena. This ancient castle, nestled in the mountains, is shrouded in mystery and magical beauty.

They did not want to know about anything, they did not care about the dilemmas that drove sleep from the eyes of kings, sorcerers, rulers and leaders, problems from which the councils trembled and buzzed, they are glad and thoughts. For them, there was nothing that was happening behind the passes buried in snow, behind Gwenlech, carrying ice blocks in a leaden stream. For them there was only Kaer Morhen, a lonely castle lost in the wild mountains.

Let fate burn in ritual
May the essence of the world change
But I’ll go back home – to the old one
castle in the mountains,
When my path is over.

Created in a single copy. 

Size 3840 x 4800

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