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CARDANO NOODZ – Cardano, but in noodles.

Cardano, but in noodles. 

CNFT educational collection dedicated to the history and development of the Cardano ecosystem.

8 unique portrait CNFTs, limited to 8 mints of each. 

Cardano Noodz contain educational metadata about their respective subject, and collectively account for the five distinct phases of Cardano’s development.  

Why Cardano Noodz? Because noodles are yummy, and learning about Cardano can be too.

Why 8 Noodz? The number 8 represents Ouroboros. A symbol depicting a serpent or a dragon eating its own tail, the Ouroboros reflects the cyclical nature of a consensus mechanism. Cardano is distinguished by the Ouroboros consensus protocol — the first proof-of-stake protocol created on the basis of academic research, with a mathematically-proven level of security.

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ADA FANTASY ☄️ a Cardano video-game tribute, but in noodles.

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Brilliant Bunny -part 2-