BULLETPROOF – A prueba de balas


Between the struggle of the drug war, a brave boy who lost everything decides to confront death, so she grants him one last prize before leaving the land of living. A dark tale of vengeance created during the Autodefensa war.

2016 award winning short film in Mexico and other countries. Censored by local authorities at Michoacan due to the sensitive issue of the war against drugs.

Once you purchase the NFT you will receive a link for the hi-res file. You own the shortfilm property, but characters and story rights for derivated projects remain at ESPEKTRO FILMS S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

Site: www.facebook.com/bulletproofapruebadebalas

Directed by:
Héctor Bustamante (@shizaaba)

Cynthia de Pando (voice)

Héctor Merlos
Javier Catalán
Arturo Rodríguez
Erick Ramos
Paty Iturbe
Luis Cruz
Alfredo Gavito

Omar Rueda

Credits music:
Dario Figueroa

Sound design:
Cesar Alarcon

Sound mix:
Gregor Phillips & Aaron Olson

Produced by:
Alberto Glez, César Alarcón & H. Bust

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Good luck with this one mate! Sounds awesome would like to see the movie lol. Its , like, 10ETH out my price range sorry.

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