Brilliant Bunny

Brilliant Bunny

After CryptoJackets I have started to work on a new collection with soft colors and simple design.


Minimalism: The challenge here is that every little piece could have signifficant impact on the overall picture. Just moving the noise a bit upper can change the whole characteristic of the Bunny. The colors needs to pick up in that way as well, everything should be perfect. #5000 will be minted but the quality of each piece is the most important: the collection’s each piece should have the same design and quality. For me the bottleneck is the worst one, as I don’t want to have it.


Now,I am looking forward to build a community around it,if you like my work please feel free to follow me on twitter (@Marvies10) and support me during this journey. There will be discounted early birds offers and giveaways.


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